“I started art classes at OneArt Studio on recommendation from a friend. Unlike other art classes I had attended prior, Jay and Jaime focusses solely on my needs and allowed me to bring my art skills to a higher level. Looking back, my work has improved greatly ever since I’ve started 3 years ago.”  – Jasmine Phung, year 11


“I have been attending weekly classes at One Art Studio for five years now and in those five years my artistic skills have improved immensely. Before attending One Art, I could barely draw a human face, let alone draw an entire human figure. Now I can successfully draw any types of scenery, animals or human in any art style I choose.

Since attending One Art Studio I have learnt so much from Jay. I now understand how to properly draw the human figure and how to approach colours, lightings and compositions in my artwork.

Jay has helped me build my confidence in my art and has taught me how to produce industry standard work, along with how to meet client expectations and work deadlines.
One Art Studio was one of the greatest experiences of my life, without it I would never have discovered my love for animation and decide to pursue my creative dreams.
One Art Studio is hands down the best art school I have ever attended.”
Blythe Ashton


“I started learning art from Jay since 2008 and he had taught me many industry’s tips and tricks that I would have never been able to learn from my normal uni classes. With Jay’s guidance, I was able to produce many great artworks suitable for my portfolio that easily got me accepted into many universities. Not only that, Jay’s teaching has also helped me in so many of my uni classes where I have to produce storyboards, character designs, concept arts and matte painting to the professional standard. It’s such a great opportunity to be learning from such a talented teacher.” –Kwanjai Chemsripong


“Before I met Jay, I wasn’t sure what direction to take for my art career. I was fed up with the fine art education found in high school and university because the course does not focus on improving my skills. Jay helped me set a clear goal, a clearer method to reach that goal, and it has proven results!” –Pete Chemsripong


“We have had our 2 children attend art classes on Saturday afternoon once they have got their morning sport out of the way and rested which has been a great way of balancing the importance of both sport & art.

One Art have been fantastic in how they have approached our children and in particular we are impressed on how they have improved on our children’s individual strengths in art. Jay and his team have been very helpful in bringing out the potential of our children, irrespective of their ability today.

Our children love their Saturday afternoons at One Art so much that our daughter Bianca, who just turned 8 decided to have the inaugural birthday party at One Art. It was a huge success with each child having the choice of painting and taking their masterpiece home. To add the success, it was Mother’s day and it was really neat to see the joy on parent’s faces as they picked up their child with their masterpiece.” – Maria and Adrian Walton