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 Jay Lee

A renowned illustrator with more than 17 years of experience in the commercial industry, Jay has had his work appear on well-known brands including Hewlett Packard and Marlboro. He has been commissioned to produce paintings for prominent Spiritual leaders including His holiness the Dalai Lama and His Eminence, the Pope. Nationally and internationally, he has worked very closely with film and art directors as a freelance illustrator.

With more than 13 years of experience in teaching Illustration at one of Kuala Lumpur’s best colleges (providing and supporting the illustration curriculum, training, leading and supporting new lecturers at the college), a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Newcastle in NSW, Jay has continued his passion teaching art and training young artists by establishing OneArt Studio in Petersham.

Jay’s Portfolio

   Final paint5_ paint 3_ PB040015_ PB040016_ animal copy PC180001_ cd cover comic1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA PB070034_ OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Life Drawing 3 Life Drawing 2 Life Drawing_ Jay_Sketching Jay_dknight_pencil


Jaime Teoh

An award winning art director/designer with fifteen years of experience in the advertising and design industry, Jaime now enjoys working at OneArt Studio teaching art to children.

Jaime’s Portfolio

Jaime_CAT_Lr 2 7 6 Pig  


Alex Casin

An award-winning artist with 17 years of notable professional experience in the animation industry, Alex’s extraordinary talent and skill is apparent throughout his whole career. He has worked for the globally renowned company Disney Toon Australia, and has a long string of experiences in animated film productions.

Alex’s Portfolio

72 cave citya PDVD_102 rocks selk1 SRGSBD15_lr storybook tree

Fiona Chan

An Australian-based graduate with a BA in Digital Media, Fiona, also known as Miyukiko (Miyu) is known for her Anime and Manga styles. Her work has been featured in numerous Manga specific publications. Always a very active participant at Manga conventions in Sydney, her work was also shortlisted for Kinokuniya’s Digital Art Prize in 2010. She has experience in using both traditional and digital mediums to create a variety of work.

Miyu’s Portfolio

illustmyonlyprincess chararichual pandoraheartsbreaksharonlinked ahmiyutrance natsumeyuujinchou zeldalink shadowheartsb



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